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smart beat
video breathing monitor


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Ultra-HD video feed
Breathing charts & alerts
Pan + tilt + zoom
Remote view
Lock down mode (unhackable)
Historical data
Camera-based *Biovision™ monitoring
Automatic recording
Customer service Mon-Sat
Free shipping
90-Day Love It or Your Money Back Guarantee
12-Month Manufacturer's Warranty

Know your baby is sleeping safely!
Smart Beat keeps watch so parents can rest.

* Our proprietary software algorithm that analyzes your Smart Beat's video feed and measures your baby's vitals.

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customer reviews

high quality baby monitor

Wilhelm C.

This monitor is just the. Product ive been looking for! It’s worked exactly how it should so far!

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works perfect

Amazon Customer

Technology works. Able to sleep much more at ease!! There are cheaper ones available, but the...

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super impressed

Amazon Customer

Super impressed with the look and model of this monitor. Super sleek and fits well into any...

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works well

Steve C.

Works well

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best monitor I've seen


Best purchase! I bought a different baby monitor recently but it had bad picture quality. This...

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very pleased with the product and company

Amazon Customer

I have to second what the others have said about the customer service. I'm not an engineer but I...

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best wifi baby monitor hands down

Barbara R.

I love this monitor! I was actually involved in the beta testing for the SmartBeat monitor when...

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great product!


Apparently Smart Beat is pretty new because I wasn't able to find much by way of reviews, but I...

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tracks breathing!

Charlee B.

I've had a few baby monitors but this is the FIRST that tracks my baby's breathing. It's so...

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download the app first!

Alyson Y.

The set up process takes a little while, but it's super clear. The instructions are all in the...

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smart beat perfectly hits sweet spot


I love this device! It is brand new and deserves a lot more review love on sites like Amazon....

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great monitor for bad eyesight


Favorite parts: AMAZING video quality. Maybe the best I've ever seen on my phone. You know it's...

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awesome video quality

Mackenzie N.

At work I put my phone with the video stream beside my computer. Makes me feel like I'm not so...

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I trust it

Rachel P.

I'm the kind of mom who checks a lot--probably more than is good for the baby, and definitely...

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very cool


This baby monitor not only gives you clear footage (day and night) of your child, but monitors...

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peace of mind!


This technology has given my family peace of mind. I love that Smart Beat lets us know that our...

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seriously, best baby purchase I made!

Danna N.

It's awesome. And I get an alarm every time I take my baby out of the crib, so I know it's...

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simple setup

Marla M.

Even though this is a high-end piece of technology it was not complicated to set up. Video...

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amazing video quality, remote viewing, peace of mind

H. Rozner

Get this monitor! ‍Benefits: -Very high quality image (Best of any monitor I've seen) -Tracks...

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very happy! better than our miku and cocoon cam

M. G.

This is our third baby monitor and so far it's definitely the best one! We had a Miku and a...

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breathing detection without extra sensors, and peace of mind


We've been using it for 1.5 years on our now 2-yr-old, and it has been very helpful at relieving...

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excellent customer service + quality product

Heather A.

wanted to leave a review here to rave a little about this company. I am really impressed with...

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we love this monitor so much we have two!

Brian A.

This monitor and system are fantastic. We have one for our two year old and another set up for...

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HD video

Shem H.

I like how clear the video quality is and it detects my baby's breathing very well!

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excellent peace of mind

Camie S.

I absolutely love our Smart Beat! The video quality is the best I have ever experienced with a...

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very impressed

Heather M.

I’ve been using it for about a month now and I’ve been super impressed. I love that I can rotate...

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great transition from the smart sock

Brittney C.

We were Owlet Smart Sock users, but our daughter was getting to the age wear she would pull the...

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best baby cam, hands down

Dan M.

I bought the SmartBeat about a year ago. It is definitely not your parents' baby cam. The video...

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so far so good!

Kelly C.

Recently set up our smart beat baby monitor and first off, I love how easy the directions are to...

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best baby monitor I've ever seen

Sharon S.

This has been by far the best monitor I’ve come across. After a rough start with Smart Beat, they...

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amazing customer service


We got our Smart Beat early on in their release. We took a chance on a new product because we...

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$15 new subscriber discount

your code is: welcome15
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