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smart beat is better

A video monitor and sleep monitor in one, Smart Beat is the safe, easy, secure and affordable way to know your baby is sleeping safely.

→ Smart Beat or a regular monitor?→ Smart Beat or Owlet?→ Smart Beat or Nanit?→ Smart Beat or Miku?→ Smart Beat or Cocoon Cam?

or a

regular video monitor?

Smart Beat is a video baby monitor with algorithms that monitor your baby's movement, alerting you if your baby's breathing:

→ stops
→ is unusually fast
→ is unusually slow

No more monitoring the monitor. You can rest knowing Smart Beat is on duty.


‍Owlet is a baby wearable that measures heart rate and blood oxygenation.

breathing is better

Smart Beat monitors breathing, which is the earliest indicator of a sleep crisis. By the time Owlet's heart rate monitor knows there is a problem, your baby could have already stopped breathing for 40 seconds or longer.

electronics in the crib

Owlet's lithium batteries can overheat, causing burns, and the sock itself is known to irritate skin when strapped on too tightly.

less hassle

If you forgot to charge the sock, you can't monitor that night. If it gets mixed in with the laundry, you can't monitor ever again.

With Smart Beat, you set it up once and it automatically monitors every time you put your baby down to sleep.


Nanit is a smart monitor designed to measure the quality of your baby's sleep.

camera quality

Nanit's video feed is blurry compared to Smart Beat's crisp images. One Smart Beat customer said she loves that she can see her baby's eyelashes...and the bite marks on the crib!

requires "breathing wear"

Because of the low video quality, in order for Nanit to see breathing, you have to buy custom swaddles with a pattern that amplifies the movement for the camera. If the swaddles are in the laundry, Nanit cannot monitor breathing.


Miku monitors your baby using "sensor fusion," a combination of video stream and radar.

radiation technology

Miku sends pulses of energy into the crib and measures how much bounces back compared to how much was absorbed.

While there is no medical literature documenting developmental side effects of exposure to this radiation technology, there is not much medical literature on the topic at all.


Smart Beat's BioVision is a 100% passive technology. Its image is so crisp it can measure breathing by video feed alone.

Using Smart Beat is as safe as taking a picture.


Cocoon Cam uses pixel analysis, sending the video stream to the cloud to analyze for breathing.


Like Nanit, Cocoon Cam's relatively blurry image means it cannot always find and track breathing, or that it may think there is breathing when there is not.

cloud computing

Cocoon Cam sends the video feed to the cloud for analysis, creating vulnerabilities to be exploited by hackers.


Smart Beat comes with a base station, a mini computer that analyzes all the data within your own home. For extra security, you can choose Lock Down mode, removing Smart Beat from the world wide web entirely so only users physically in your home can access the feed.