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Kait Namazi

Why was Smart Beat created?
CEO Nate Ruben created Smart Beat after his first baby was born premature, spending his first week in the NICU. His wife Sarah spent the next 6 months dealing with the constant anxiety that their baby would stop breathing, leading to severe lack of sleep and postpartum depression.

Nate knew there must be a better way, so out of his senior project and master's thesis, Smart Beat was born.

How does Smart Beat work?
Smart Beat tracks movement by checking the color of its 2 million pixels 20 times every second. That's 2.4 billion data points per minute.

Every time there is movement, a pixel changes color. Smart Beat's specialized algorithms analyze those color changes to determine the actual breathing rate.

What makes Smart Beat better?
Smart Beat is the safest, easiest, most secure way to monitor your baby is breathing:

→ No wearables, mats or clips
→ No radar or microwaves
→ Automatic monitoring on/off
→ Customizable security settings:
Remote Access: Access encrypted video stream when out and about
Lock Down: Data never leaves your home

Are there any guidelines for my blog, video and posts?
Be sure to include a screen capture of the breathing charts in action (breathing rate over time, real-time breathing wave form, or both). To access these, wait until the status is "breathing detected" and drag the status bar up to reveal the charts.

The primary purpose of your posts and/or videos is to inform your readers and viewers about Smart Beat. We want you to do this in your own way, with your own unique voice and style, but also keeping Smart Beat's branding in mind.

Primarily, you should include what you like about the monitor, how and why you use it, what benefits it offers you as a parents, and anything else that a future user would find helpful.

Use the following sections as a guide, but please feel free to add anything else that your readers/viewers will find appealing and relevant.

Instagram posts
At least 1 post:
→ Picture of camera or app with a breathing chart
→ Tag @mysmartbeat

Instagram stories
At least 4 stories:
→ Unboxing to show off all the hardware
→ A screen capture of one of the breathing charts in action
→ A screen capture showing off the quality of the video
→ Your personal reaction & why this product matters to you

Long-form blog post
500-1000 words
→ 3-5 high-quality photos: camera, app, baby, nursery, mom/dad using it, etc.
→ image of breathing charts in action
→ include link to

YouTube video
→ At least 1 minute long
→ High quality visuals & audio: unboxing, setup, camera, using app, baby, nursery, etc.
→ Shot of breathing charts in action
→ Include link to

Facebook post
→ Link to your blog post or video
→ When writing the post, bear in mind that your summary will be many parents' first introduction to both Smart Beat and your blog/vlog
→ Use an image that is formatted well for social sharing
→ Tag our page ( so that we can boost the post with ad spend

Example blog posts

frequently asked questions

How does Smart Beat work?

Smart Beat tracks your baby's breathing by analyzing how the pixels change color every time your baby moves.

Smart Beat can identify more than 16 million shades of color, so it can track movement that is too slow and subtle to be seen by the human eye.

To give you an idea of just how much analysis this takes, Smart Beat captures 20 frames per second, and each frame contains 2 million pixels, for a total of 40 million pixels analyzed every second.

What alerts and notifications does Smart Beat send?

Smart Beat sounds an alarm if it detects that your baby has stopped breathing for more than 20 seconds—a clinical apnea.

Smart Beat will also send a notification if the breathing rate is above or below the normal range for more than a minute.

Two additional notifications let you know when baby has fallen asleep and woken up.

Will I hear the breathing alarm if my phone is in sleep mode or my ringer is off?

When breathing has stopped, Smart Beat will sound an alarm on your mobile device that punches through all but the strictest Do Not Disturb settings.

How accurate is Smart Beat?

When set up correctly, Smart Beat is able to track every breath.

Throughout the development process, Smart Beat was tested at the respiratory simulation labs at the Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota and Intermountain Healthcare Center.

The clinical trial is currently underway.

Does Smart Beat work with swaddles and blankets?


Smart Beat was designed to work best with safe sleep practices, so you will get the best results if your baby is in a swaddle, a tight sleep sack, or other warm pajamas.

If your baby must have a blanket, it is seldom a problem, although Grandma's arctic quilt will cause occasional false alarms.

Does Smart Beat work only on infants?

Smart Beat can measure breathing on anyone—actually anything—that breathes. Customers are using Smart Beat to monitor toddlers, children with disabilities, elderly relatives, family members with respiratory issues, and even pets.

Does Smart Beat work if my baby changes position to belly- or side-sleeping?

Smart Beat will monitor breathing no matter your baby's sleep position.

Does Smart Beat come with a viewer, or does it only work on my mobile phone?

Smart Beat does not include a physical viewer because the free app allows you to monitor from a device you already own.

Pro Tip: Some families install the Smart Beat app on the family tablet and use that as a dedicated monitor.

Does Smart Beat work with both Apple and Android devices?


You can download the free mobile app for any device that runs Android or iOS.

Smart Beat does not yet have an app for Fire tablets or Microsoft phones.

Can I use Smart Beat with my twins or triplets?


Smart Beat does work with multiples, though you need one Smart Beat for each baby.

You are able to connect as many Smart Beats to the app as you like, and monitor them all simultaneously.

Does Smart Beat adhere to safe sleep guidelines?


In accordance with the safety guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Smart Beat does not place any electronics in the crib or on the baby.

It also does not place any equipment directly over the crib.

Are there any discounts?


Sign up for the newsletter and you will receive a discount code for a one-time purchase.

Can I return my Smart Beat?


If you are dissatisfied with your Smart Beat for any reason in the first 90 days, you can return your Smart Beat for a full refund.

Just send an email to for instructions.

What if my Smart Beat stops working?

Smart Beat comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

If it stops working for no reason in particular, you get new equipment free of charge.

Just send an email to for instructions.

What can I do to avoid false alarms?

There are four easy things you can do to virtually eliminate the chances of false alarms:

1. Near
Mount the Smart Beat within 2 feet of the crib or bassinet.

2. Clear
Give Smart Beat a clear shot of the sleep space. Mount Smart Beat high enough that its view of your baby is not blocked by the crib's railing or slats.

Take everything else out of the crib. Stuffed animals and bottles can get in the way, blocking Smart Beat's view of your baby.

3. Light
Make sure Smart Beat is not looking directly at a light source, like a lamp or window.

Position your Smart Beat so that it is not pointed at anything that dangles, like a mobile or curtains.

4. Tight
Use tight pajamas rather than blankets. Blankets muffle the movement of breathing, and thick blankets may hide it completely.

How much does shipping cost?

We offer free 3-day shipping to the continental U.S. Expedited shipping is available for a small charge.

Where can I buy Smart Beat?

You can buy Smart Beat right here on the website! Smart Beat can also be found on Amazon.

Can I travel with Smart Beat or move it between rooms?

Since your Smart Beat comes with velcro mounting strips, it is easy to move the camera between rooms. Just set up velcro strips at sleep spot.

Traveling with Smart Beat is easy as long as you are able to plug the base station into the new locatin's WiFi router. (Does not work when visiting hotels that use a central router for the building, but usually works well when visiting family or staying at an Airbnb.)