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amazing customer service


We got our Smart Beat early on in their release. We took a chance on a new product because we loved the idea of being able to monitor our baby and track breathing without having to attach anything on them or the crib. There were some initial bumps in the road as it was a new product and they had to work through some issues. We stuck it out with the product because we saw the potential and the customer service they have provided has been phenomenal! They took each concern or issue and worked hard to remedy it as soon as possible. They have made great improvements and we are so glad that we stuck with them through the initial stages. The video quality is wonderful (using a different monitor on vacation made me really appreciate the video quality even more!) and love that we can zoom in and actually see the breathing ourselves! Smart Beat has provided peace of mind as our baby sleeps and it is backed by a company that truly cares. It is not often that you find a great product and a great company that stands behind it!

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