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awesome video quality

Mackenzie N.

At work I put my phone with the video stream beside my computer. Makes me feel like I'm not so far. Great video quality, and for fun sometimes I use the talk feature when the baby's awake and none of my co-workers are around. (It's walkie-talkie style, which took a minute to get used to.) Love the extra notifications that he's awake or asleep, and the reminders to start monitoring if I forgot. I can't see the breathing charts from work, but if my mother-in-law takes the baby out of the crib without turning off the monitoring I get an alarm. The alarm sends you straight to the camera view so I can see right away it's not actually an emergency, so no panic attacks :) But heads up that if you've got a less-tech-savvy caretaker at home, you should expect the same. At home, I absolutely love seeing the breathing rate. They have a chart where you can see whether the baby's breathing at a "normal" rate or if it's abnormally high or low--which is good because I would have no idea otherwise.

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