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best wifi baby monitor hands down

Barbara R.

I love this monitor! I was actually involved in the beta testing for the SmartBeat monitor when it first began because my son started having asthma issues at a very young age. This was the only monitor I saw that offered the breathing monitoring, as a new mom it gave me a huge sense of relief.

Now my son is 3 years old I upgraded to the fully released version of the SmartBeat for the better picture quality and the ability to move the camera (and the rest of the technological advances fixed since the beta test). While the monitor isn't doing much to monitor breathing for a 3 year old (they wiggle too much at night!) the camera quality is second to none, and we are planning for a second child so knowing i will have this monitor from Day 1 already puts my mind at ease.

I have and will continue to recommend to all new parents! Plus their customer support is absolutely amazing, I had some trouble getting my camera connected and used the chat, the chat bot wasn't equipped to assist with my particular issue but it forwarded my info and i was contacted within the hour to resolve. Not often you can find both a great product and great service.

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