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Alyson Y.

The set up process takes a little while, but it's super clear. The instructions are all in the app itself, and they have little example videos and images. (It's nice to have printed instructions, but I'm glad they did it this way. You kind of can't do it wrong.)

The instructions say to hang the camera closer than I would have expected (1-2 feet from the crib rather than 3 like most other monitors) but it's not directly overhead, so that's nice. The camera quality is crystal clear. I was really shocked at just how good it is, but that makes sense since they're using just the image for the analytics. (I looked into other monitors that use radar and stuff, and whatever they had to say about "safe levels", that still made me feel uncomfortable.

My only complaint after using it for a few nights is that sometimes when I open the app, it takes a little while for the viewer to load--5 seconds or more. That seems like something they should have engineered better. But the breathing alarm goes off every time I take my baby out of the crib, so I know it's working. That's the part I really care about.

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