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excellent customer service + quality product

Heather A.

I wanted to leave a review here to rave a little about this company. I am really impressed with the Smart Beat's technology. When I set up the camera, I ran into a technical issue which was quickly resolved the same day (their customer service is fantastic - they were very helpful and kind.) It ended up that it was mistake on my end, so the product itself works perfectly.

Once I had it up and running I was impressed with the video quality. The breathing charts are simple to understand and give immediate comfort knowing that breathing is detected. The only thing I noticed that could be improved was the sound quality when I use the microphone to talk through the camera, but I don't really mind because I don't feel a need to use the microphone very much anyway.

Overall, Smart Beat is a fantastic product backed by top-notch customer service – and to top it off, it is much more affordable than similar products without compromising quality/accuracy. I am telling all of my friends about this!

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