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very happy! better than our miku and cocoon cam

M. G.

This is our third baby monitor and so far it's definitely the best one! We had a Miku and a Cocoon Cam Plus and the breathing monitoring on the Smart Beat is best. Picture quality is very good even with the night vision. We also like that it has a dedicated iPad app as we use that as our "parent monitor" around the house. One thing our Miku had that we would love to see on the Smart Beat are sound options like white noise and music. For now we use an actual sound machine in the bedroom.

We also have to mention how incredible the customer service has been. Any issue we raise with Smart Beat has been met with a personal response almost immediately. They are quick to roll out fixes to the app and since they're such a new company, they're open to suggestions on how to improve things, too. Miku was brand new when we bought that, too, but the app was so poorly developed that it seriously felt like a beta product.

The Smart Beat app reliably connects to the camera and stays connected. I'd give the actual product 4 stars only because of some initial hiccups we experienced with the iPad app, but those have been ironed out and the 5th star definitely goes to the customer service we've experienced. Definitely recommend for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their kids and know how they're breathing.

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